Why Is Medal Of Honor Vr So Big?

Similarly, How many GB is Medal of Honor VR?

On the original Quest 2 (64 GB – 11.3 GB for the system), there’s roughly 52.7 GB of available storage, and we’ve validated that Medal of Honor takes up slightly over 41 GB of storage on a Quest 2. In September, Meta informed UploadVR that Medal of Honor would fit on a 64 GB Quest 2.

Also, it is asked, Is Medal of Honor worth it on VR?

It’s a delightfully chaotic mode that demonstrates Respawn’s ability to think outside the box in ways that other aspects of the game don’t. And, more broadly, the multiplayer’s lack of complication – simple rapid match choices, for example — makes it a terrific appeal for first-time competitive VR play.

Secondly, How long is Medal of Honor VR?

Some of these moments provide excellent VR narrative snippets, but they’re also oddly timed, and despite the game’s promise of 10+ hours of action, it’s considerably padded with these moments. All of this contributes to a campaign that is tough to get into.

Also, How much GB is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond?

180 gigabytes


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